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Q: What Is a Bladder Augmentation?

A:Bladder augmentation is a surgical procedure that expands the size of the bladder.


Q: Why would I have a bladder augmentation?

A: Some people with reflexic bladders over time develop problems with a shrunken bladder. Why this happens in some people and not others isnít well understood.

When this happens it becomes very difficult to use intermittent catheterization because the bladder empties too frequently.

Medications may improve this problem, but when this doesnít work or the side effects from the medications are too annoying a bladder augmentation may be recommended.


Q: What is involved with a bladder augmentation?

A: A bladder augmentation is an operation that expands the size of the bladder by adding a piece of the intestine to the bladder.

Because the intestine is stretchy and not connected to the same nerves as the bladder this increases the size of the bladder and decreases how often the intermittent catheterization needs to be done.

This operation may be combined with the creation of a continent stoma to make intermittent catheterization easier to perform.


Q: Who does this kind of operation?

A: This operation is done by an urologist who has experience and training in performing the augmentation.